Our Mission

Our Massachusetts Republican Party and our State Committee have a lot on their plate these days.

They work with the hostile media to get the Republican message out in a state with no elected Republicans at the Constitutional or Congressional levels.

They support Republican candidates from State Rep to Congressman to Governor to US senator.

They protect our few incumbent Republican legislators constantly under attack from the Democratic Party.

They organize and direct the activities of our hundreds of Republican Town Committees across the state.

Many individuals have complained over the years that the State Committee hasn’t done enough to build our GOP farm team. But often, there simply aren’t enough volunteers, and there isn’t enough money, to be dedicated specifically to that purpose.

The Mass Republican Municipal Coalition has formed to be that organization devoting 100% of its time and treasure to building the grassroots of our party, creating and sustaining a locally elected Republican farm team.

Our objectives are simple: identify, train, and support the next generation of Republican leaders on the local level. These local elected officials are then in a good position to run for higher office when an incumbent legislator leaves, or to challenge our most corrupt and unpopular Democratic State Representatives.

Working together, we can provide a way for Republican local officials to network and support each other, and increase their ranks across our state, one town at a time.

Please help us on our way. Join our email list. Volunteer for Republican municipal candidates. Donate today to help keep us going.